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The Significance of the Matching Set


Perfectly Paired. Tacori styles (left to right) 120-7, 2617B and 2618RD65

Perfectly Paired. The Tacori styles above (left to right) 120-7, 2617B and 2618RD6 will make you the perfect #TacoriCouple as your guests watch you walking down the aisle after the ceremony.

Discover the full selection of Tacori Ladies bands and Tacori Gentlemens bands.

As our Tacori Girl plans her wedding, her schedule fills up with cake tastings, dress fittings, visits to halls and meetings with florists. She realizes while shopping for the ring pillow that her adorable nephew will carry down the aisle on the big day that she and her fiancé haven’t even considered what kind of wedding bands they’ll wear.

For herself, she’d like for her wedding band to complement her Tacori engagement ring because she plans to wear both rings after her wedding day.

However, the more she thinks about how wedding bands symbolize the commitment that she and her fiancé are making to each other and how unique their love story has been since the day they met, it becomes increasingly important to her that her soon-to-be-husband wear matching rings.

Together, she and her fiancé browse Tacori wedding ring sets. They visit a jeweler who informs them that Tacori wedding bands can be made in their choice of platinum, 18k yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Her fiancé is pleased to learn that he’ll receive a stainless steel sports band with his Tacori wedding ring to wear at the gym or while playing basketball with the guys from the office.

Cake Tasting
Wedding Bouquet
Cake Tasting
top to bottom: 36-2RD6, HT2516B and 106-6B
left to right: 106-6B and 55-2CU65PK
Wedding Bouquet
top to bottom: 62-6S, HT2513RD7512X and HT2516B

They finally settle on a platinum wedding ring set that complements her engagement ring and features hand-engraved signature Tacori detailing. After careful inspection, they realize that the signature Tacori crescents on the inner face of each of their wedding bands, line up perfectly, as a secret symbol representing the their everlasting love and commitment. They are now an official Tacori Couple with the crescents on the Tacori engagement ring and weddings bands in perfect alignment, just like their love and the future they envision together.

Although they’ve shared in the responsibilities of planning of their wedding—drafting the seating plan for the dinner, designing invitations that their friends and family adore—choosing matching wedding bands is the most romantic step in the process.

On their wedding day, they are both overcome with emotion at the sight of matching bands on their fingers, bands that signify their love for one another and the life together that they are beginning.

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