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Beyond Flowers & Chocolate. 5 Special Gifts to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Jewelry tells a story, marks a moment and lasts far beyond brunch or flowers (although those are appreciated too!). So with Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’ve selected 5 special gifts that are sure to celebrate Mother’s Day in a meaningful way. 

Give her a gift that says thank you for all that she does. Something that adds value across time, just like she does. Which jewelry story connects with the Mom in your life? Because it truly is the thought that counts.

Will it be an “Encore” diamond pendant to your wife (and mother of your children) that echoes the design of her engagement ring, and says that you’ll always be close to her heart? Or will it be an initial monogrammed pendant with the love letter of her family? Could it be a statement ring that says, “I Love You” or a special pink or blue celebration gemstone?

With gifts starting under $250, there’s sure to be something from Tacori that sparkles for Mother’s Day (and beyond).

5 Special Gifts for Mother’s Day:


Have you thought of color? Pink or Blue – which one is right for you? Rose Amethyst or Sky Blue Topaz gemstones are simple earrings that say so much. HintHint: $220 SE24002 and SE24013

Statement Rings

Maybe a statement ring to say, “I love You” Lilac or Blue – which one is right for you?  HintHint: $290 SR13901 and SR13902

Promise Bracelet:

With lock and key, our Promise Bracelet invites you to make a Promise. Whether it’s to be a great partner to the mother of your children, or a promise to stay in touch with your Mom more often, it’s a chance to make a Promise that lasts a lifetime. SB191Y-M

Encore Necklace:

Give her an Encore! This “closest to her heart” necklace is designed as a Encore to her Tacori engagement ring.  Diamonds go with everything, after all!  With an Encore diamond necklace, you can never go wrong. FP670

Love Letter Pendant:

Give a Love Letter with the monogrammed initial of her child (or children) to keep her kids close to her heart. SN197

And wait! What about one for you and one for Mom? Don’t forget to treat yourself! Create a Kinship of Love with your Mother this year and every year with not one but two (2!) matching Promise Bracelets.

Head to Tacori Insiders to enter to win our Mother’s Day Promise Bracelet Giveaway. The winner will receive TWO Promise Bracelets, one for you and one for mom!

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