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Tacori Girl Spotlight: Erika Monroe

“In honor of National Women’s Month, we worked with three totally different real-life Tacori Girl fans to rep our latest collection, showcasing their personal style and natural beauty.

Here’s how we found them: we asked our Instagram Followers and Fans for submissions to be our next #TacoriGirl with the chance to be featured on our website. We received so many wonderful options (hundreds!) and couldn’t pick just one. So, we have three! Erin Curtis, Pernille Soe, and Erika Monroe.

Meet … Erika Monroe

Tell us about your career.

Erika recently worked in the legal field for roughly 7 years as a front office manager, executive assistant to founding partner and paralegal. She is also the former Deputy Mayor for a small town in Los Angeles County. She then relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her passion in entertainment.

How would you describe your style?

“My day-to-day style is classy and sophisticated and sometimes edgy. I like to keep it simple and monochromatic at times and other times I like to explore with different prints and patterns and get inspiration from the African, Native American and Middle Eastern cultures.”

Give us a fun fact about you!

“I enjoy health/fitness and yoga. I am actively involved in my community service such as volunteering at the homeless shelter.”

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