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Tacori Girl Spotlight: Erin Curtis

“In honor of National Women’s Month, we worked with three totally different real-life Tacori Girl fans to rep our latest collection, showcasing their personal style and natural beauty.

Here’s how we found them: we asked our Instagram Followers and Fans for submissions to be our next #TacoriGirl with the chance to be featured on our website. We received so many wonderful options (hundreds!) and couldn’t pick just one. So, we have three! Erin Curtis, Pernille Soe, and Erika Monroe.

Meet … Erin Curtis


Tell us about your career.

Erin moved from Louisville, Kentucky to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in acting. She enjoys acting in and producing films, but her favorite part of working I’m Los Angeles is all of the amazing food. For a long time, Erin has worked in the casting department of Criminal Minds

How would you describe your style?

“I am tempted to describe my personal style as “third day hair” or “rushed”: When I say “I woke up like this to a friend,” it’s very believable. When I’m not in yoga pants or in costume, I would say my style is a little bit of SoCal, a touch of romantic and laid back feminine. I tend to be drawn to delicate pieces of jewelry that can be worn and layered with several different outfits. That’s one thing that Tacori has taught me– that delicate pieces can me layered to amp up the volume in a really beautiful way.

Give us a fun fact about you!

“I’m not one of those people who can eat whatever they want and still look amazing so I spend a lot of my time in the dance studio. It’s the only kind of exercise that I can trick myself into enjoying. I love it all–jazz, hip-hop, Caribbean, ballet–but in my heart, I’m a tap dancer. I’ve been tapping since I was about 3 and have a trunk full of tap shoes.”

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