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The Power Stack

Have you ever wondered how to stack your rings to put the POW in Powerful? Bea Miller, songstress behind the latest single “Buy Me Diamonds” shows off her power stack and proves that diamond rings are not just for engagements and brides, they’re for every girl and that every finger is within limits.

To stack your style like Bea does, bring your love for layers to your jewelry box. Just like you’d layer your hair for more volume, or layer your clothes for extra texture, you get to bring this luxe love to your ring game.

The power stack is a new way to wear diamonds on all of your fingers, creating a diamond intense look. The “more is more” look is not only intense, but for the powerful girl who likes a little more sparkle (or a lot).

Wondering how to pull off this look? The sky’s the limit. Stack them all and don’t try to match! Variation in diamond cut is key. Stack, wave, alternate, mix metals, there is no wrong answer.  With Tacori rings, there’s a way for everyone to express their unique style.  And with her hands full of diamonds Bea absolutely rocked the look, like the rock star she is.

For a more attainable look IRL, you can recreate a Power Stack look with a mix-and-match look with high & low pieces.  Maybe raid a family members jewelry box for some sweet heritage pieces (with permission, of course), and freshen them up with layers of silver rings (Tacori has some great pieces under $500 or under $250).  Then, add on some of the fashion rings you may have already collected. Because this Power Stack is all about powerful expression, go forward with confidence to find what feels right for you!

Whether you want to rock a power stack like Bea, or build your own look to love, we’ve got more incredible diamond styles from this “Buy Me Diamonds” star, and a personal interview with Bea on our Tacori Girl page.

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