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The 5 Best Engagement Ring – and – Wedding Band Combos

Feel like you’d rather elope than succumb to certain wedding traditions? Trust us when we say that we’re completely with you. But no matter how empowered we are on a day-to-day basis, we sometimes need a little reminder that rules are meant to be broken (or discarded altogether). It turns out that there’s no rule saying you have to find your motley crew of bridesmaids matching dresses they all like and look good in—and we’re equally entitled to do as we please when it comes to our rings.

Like everything else about your big day, the rings you indulge (and invest) in should celebrate your personal taste. These days, more and more women are taking the pressure off their significant others and selecting their own rings, and as a result, things are getting really creative when it comes to how we’re seeing them stacked. Need inspiration? Look no further: Today we’re sharing five modern ring pairings we love—from clashing metal colors to unique shapes—using stunning options from California-based jeweler Tacori.

Think your significant other is about to put a ring on it, or simply love looking at beautiful jewelry? Don’t go diamond shopping (or daydreaming) without reading this first.

Coordinated Cuts

Multiple Bands Multiple Bands

If you have classic taste but still want something a little less obvious, the answer lies in the diamond cut. Once you select the cut of the center stone (like this stunning emerald shape) for your engagement ring, use the same one for the diamonds around your wedding band. This polished look is elegant and timeless—a match made in ring-stacking heaven.

Multiple Bands

Multiple Bands Multiple Bands

In the spirit of breaking rules, why not stack three (or more!) bands together? Whether you simply can’t decide on just one wedding band or you want to give that family heirloom an updated twist, mixing and matching multiple bands creates a chic modern look. This rose gold set is especially enviable, if we do say so ourselves.

Twins for the Win

Multiple Bands Multiple Bands

Speaking of stacking multiple bands, another fashion-girl way to achieve the look is to layer two of the same wedding bands with your engagement ring. Stack the twin styles together to create a thicker-looking band, or sandwich your engagement ring in between, as demonstrated with these simple gold finds. Either way, with more bling involved, you really can’t go wrong.

Mixed Metals

Multiple Bands Multiple Bands

As far as we’re concerned, clashing metals hasn’t been a faux pas in at least a decade, and complementary designs that mix metal colors are a great option for a creative engagement and wedding ring pairing. Just make sure to pick different colors in the same material—like rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold—because non-alike metals will scratch when stacked together. The best part about this look is that any other day-to-day jewelry you wear will effortlessly tie in with your rings.

Interesting Shapes

Multiple Bands Multiple Bands

Modern brides are on the lookout for a truly unique ring style. One of our favorite ways to stand out from the crowd is stacking rings together with interesting diamond cuts that are both elegant and unexpected. Tacori makes it easy with ring options featuring pear-, marquise-, and oval-shaped diamonds turned on their sides for a spin on the classic elongated look.

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