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We are thrilled to help you prepare for your Tacori Event! Register your event date below to receive important communication regarding event processes, resources, and inspiration.

What to Expect

After completing the Event Registration form below, you will receive your Event Kick-Off Communication, which includes: 

The Event Manual - This manual outlines all the need-to-know information regarding event procedures and guidelines.

The Event Playbook - This playbook is filled with best practices and inspiration to spark ideas and help you create a unique event experience for your TACORI clients.

Event Marketing Form - You will receive a link to complete the Event Marketing Form. This short form provides Tacori with the information we need to feature your event on the Store Locator. It also informs your Tacori Representatives of all your exciting event plans.

Beginning 6 weeks from your registered event date, expect to see a weekly email from Team Tacori with useful tips and tricks to help your stay on track during the event planning process. 

The Weekly Countdown- These weekly emails highlight marketing assets that are available on the Tacori E-Kit, as well as useful tips and tricks for spreading awareness for your event, motivating your sales team, and so much more!

Event Registration Form
Event Registration Form

All Tacori pieces are handcrafted with extraordinary care by our artisans in California.