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Petite Crescent Crown Gem Ring featuring Prasiolite

$490.00 USD
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Design Measurements 6.50mm
Design Details

Radiant gemstones are hand-set into a crescent basket that adds texture and dimension. Milgrain and crescent design decorate the backside, adding hidden details and the TACORI touch.

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Crescent Crown
Windows of light shine through the interlaced crescent details to make the gemstone the queen of the Crescent Crown Collection, set within a sculptural crescent-woven throne.
Crescent Crown Crescent Crown

The TACORI Process

We are meticulous and intentional, and this extra effort sets us apart. It takes five to ten years of training and apprenticeship to become a Master Jeweler at TACORI. These artisans blend time-honored techniques with the latest cutting-edge technologies to help shape TACORI designs into wearable pieces of art.