Deco Gems Multi-Strand Bracelet featuring Clear Quartz over Green Onyx

style SB16227


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Tacori's Notes

Four multifaceted Clear Quartz layered over Green Onyx gemstones gather in the center of this bracelet and are the meeting point of multiple chain links. Delicate, diamond shaped black silver, graces the center of the chains allowing a sexy sway with movement of the wrist. The clasp is intricately designed with the Tacori Touch and gem seal.

Design Details

Metal Shown: Silver

Gemstones: Clear Quartz Over Green Onyx

Gemstone carat weight: 10.80ctw

Design measurements: 0.90in wide by 7in long

Gemstones also available: Clear Quartz Over Red Crystal, Blue Quartz Over Hematite

Available in Silver

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