Deco Layers Necklace featuring Assorted Gemstones

style SN1641932


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Tacori's Notes

This gorgeous opera length multi-chained necklace is perfect for channeling the rock star within without losing sophistication. Black shaped diamond links paired with a Black Onyx and Hematite pendant will make the transition from day to night effortless.

Design Details

Metal Shown: Silver with an 18kt Gold Gem Seal

Gemstones: Black Onyx, Hematite

Gemstone carat weight: 31.10ctw

Design measurements: 1.53in wide by 1.50in long

Chain length: 38in

Gemstones also available: Blue Quartz Over Hematite, Clear Quartz Over Red Crystal, Clear Quartz Over Green Onyx, Rose Quartz

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