A TACORI Tradition

Stirring anticipation and delivering more than meets the eye, TACORI invites you to revel in all the beautiful details.

Assortment of Engagement rings
assortment of 3 engagement rings

Our work is above all joyful

We love what we do, and it shows. We add dimensional details where others might not, in the little spaces where only you might see them. It's this extra effort that sets us apart.


Every. Detail. Matters.

We are meticulous and intentional. Our jewelry reflects our dedicated focus and effort.

Ask our artisans, who are each highly specialized in their own craft and often spend days on a single piece. Ask our full-time engineer who has trained and worked in the fields of operational robotics and aeronautics. Ask our community of collectors who have built collections for decades.

Paul, Nadine, and Haig Tacorian pictured together
Paul, Nadine and Haig Tacorian pictured

Family led for over 40 years

From Europe to California and across three generations. TACORI is led by the passion and values of the Tacorian family, giving us the unique ability to be meticulous and intentional with everything we do.


Our Work is, Above All, Joyful

We do what we love, and love what we do.

Our pieces help mark new chapters, close old ones, remind us of our roots, and launch new lifetimes.

couple posing with Tacori engagement rings
coupled pictured in tacori engagement rings

"Life is too short not to revel in all its

beautiful details."

"Life is too short not to revel in all its beautiful details."

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