Stilla chain necklace and bangle
Female model posing with Stilla drop earrings and diamond necklace


Delicate strings of droplet-like diamonds glimmer with a meditative fluidity that captures stillness in motion. 

Model posing with Stilla droplet-like pear-shape diamonds necklace and hand-hewn milgrain band

The Quiet Power of Repetition

A mantra to peaceful elegance, this collection features delicate strings of droplet-like pear-shape diamonds and hand-hewn milgrain detailing on the profile of each design.

Subtle Motion

Hand-made triple prongs accentuate the East-West directionality of pear-cut stones, accomplishing a serene sense of motion.

Model wearing two stilla rose gold necklaces
Two TACORI Stilla earrings in white and rose gold
Model wearing two Stilla bracelets

Luxury Refined

Worn alone or layered, each piece in the TACORI Stilla collection is the epitome of sophistication and subtle glamour.

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