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A Guide To GiftingA Guide To Gifting

A Guide To Gifting

Whether marking traditional milestones or celebrating new reasons to revel, TACORI has a gift for every occasion. 

Wedding Party Gifts

For your hype squad. They bought a dress they don’t like, planned the party, showered you with gifts and now it’s time to say “thank you.” Celebrate the unsung heroes who make your big day epic.

Nadine's Edit:

Unexpected Details

Each piece has been hand selected for it’s discoverable details. With joyful twists and multidimensional sparkle these pieces remind us beauty is often found in unexpected places.

Push Presents

Commemorate your literal labor of love. Sleepless never looked so stunning!

For "Your Person"

Sharing the keys, surviving the in-laws, or saying the L-word. From mundane to memorable, and everything in between. Celebrate the many milestone in your relationship.

Closing the Chapter

Find the silver - or gold - lining in your romantic uncoupling. Explore gifts to mark your sparkly new independence.

You're the Boss

Celebrating a promotion? Retirement? Nailing that big interview? Hard work pays off. You’ve earned it.