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Discover the TACORI Crescent

Over the course of nearly twenty-five years, the crescent unites every TACORI collection. Used in original and unexpected ways— as an artisan signature, as a fabric on the inner face of a ring, and as a hidden detail only visible to the wearer- you know it's truly TACORI when you see the TACORI Crescent.

The Signature Crescent Provides the TACORI Touch

The Signature Crescent

Situated on the resting point of the ring, the Signature Crescent marks your setting as authentically TACORI, but also carries our legacy of meticulous craftsmanship and devotion to precision in every detail.

The Icon
The Icon

Your Legacy of Love

What began in 1988 as a challenge to embed a hidden symbol of love on the inner face of a ring, has become our world-renowned signature design detail. Beginning with the Classic Crescent fabric, the deconstructed heart shape has evolved over time to adorn our pieces in many different ways and shapes. By adding unexpected and distinctive touches, TACORI transforms a beautiful piece of jewelry into a reminder to celebrate life’s beautiful details.


The New Lunetta Crescent

The Crescents in the our newest Collection exude a soft luminosity, like diffused moonlight. Half-moon Crescents glow across the inner face silhouette, and hand-hewn milgrain adds textured radiance.

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