Dantela engagement ring
Dantela engagement ring

Dantela Collection

Dantela 'Lace' Diamond Rings

The Dantela Collection stands out with its exceptionally intricate, lace-like design and meticulous craftsmanship. While this stunning motif decorates every crown in the collection, the latest evolution translates the lace design to the inner-face silhouette; creating an exceptionally delicate and totally show-stopping fabric. 

Elegantly Complex

Dantela engagement ring held between fingers
The stunningly complex design showcases the effort and talent of TACORI artisans, who lovingly embellish every ring by hand, one at a time.
composition of two dantela engagement rings

Dantela Crescent Fabric

Dantela crescent fabric engagement ring

The lace-like Dantela Crescent Fabric features diamond-studded half-moon tracery, edged with hand-hewn milgrain for an elegant, airy, and heirloom-caliber motif.

Signature Crescent

Each Dantela engagement ring is marked with the TACORI signature crescent, a single crescent crafted at near the base of the ring's foundation

Dantela signature crescent illustration
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