Diamond Cuts

Engagement Rings with various diamond cuts and shapes
Engagement Rings with various diamond cuts and shapes

Diamond Cuts & Shapes

Introduction to the 4C’s to find the right diamond for you

A breakdown of the four most important factors to consider when choosing your center diamond for your engagement ring: Carat Weight, Cut, Color and Clarity. 

1. Diamond Cuts

Each diamond shape possesses unique characteristics. Intricately angled cuts are what create a diamond’s shape, allowing light to reflect differently, giving each shape a special brilliance and sparkle.

Selecting Your Dream Ring

The cut of a diamond can dramatically alter the overall look and style of the engagement ring, so this might be one of the most important decisions to consider as you’re selecting a diamond. The diamond shape can take a ring from classic to modern, delicate to bold.

Classic Diamond Shapes

These diamond shapes are the most classic and prevalent of the bunch. Each timeless shape has its own unique characteristics.


A round brilliant is a classic, versatile and often preferred shape designed for maximum sparkle and light reflection.


Sometimes called a “pillow-cut”, this romantic, elegant shape has soft curves and a hint of vintage luxury.


Combining classic sparkle with modern shape, this square cut is armed with clean angles and proportional symmetry.

Fancy Diamond Shapes

For the bold trend-setter, these unique, elongated shapes are flattering on the finger and emphasize clarity.


An oval cut is sophisticated and classic, with as much brilliance and sparkle as a round cut.


Dramatic and distinctive, this vintage-inspired cut emphasizes clarity with its rectangular shaped facets.


A combination of round and marquis, this teardrop shape can be worn facing up or down, and is truly unique.


This romantic, elongating shape provides the largest size per carat, causing the diamond to appear larger.

Designer Note:

Have you decided on the diamond shape but love a different setting? All TACORI engagement ring settings can be customized to fit a variety of diamond shapes. Learn more about the Tacori engagement ring customization process and start creating your dream ring today! .

Carat Weight

2. Diamond Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. Diamonds are weighed to a thousandth (0.001) of a carat and then rounded to the nearest hundredth or point. When determining the size of your center stone, consider choosing a setting with a bloom, smaller diamonds that wrap around your center diamond to make it appear larger.  

3. Diamond Color

Diamonds are found in a spectrum of shades, with the most rare being colorless or near colorless. The colors are graded via the Gemological Institute of America’s D-to-Z color-grading scale; D is colorless and Z is visibly yellow. 

For Tacori engagement rings and wedding bands, we use G color quality and better. 

Diamonds with spectrum of shades

4. Diamond Clarity

There is no such thing as perfect, even when it comes to diamonds. Diamonds have inclusions -- tiny black or white flecks and blemishes - scratches and nicks that occur naturally as they are formed within the earth. The clarity of a diamond is measured through 11 clarity grades in the GIA grading system ranging from flawless to included. The fewer the inclusions and less visible blemishes, the higher the quality and price. Our diamond and gemstone team hand-select the very few diamonds that are able to meet our high standards for VS clarity and better.

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