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TACORI Engagement Ring Foundations
TACORI Engagement Ring Foundations

TACORI Engagement Ring Foundations

Engagement Ring Settings: The Best Foundation for Your Ideal Ring

Choose the TACORI setting that's right for you. The difference is in the details. Our artisans in California worksmith the unique and memorable styles of each engagement ring exlusive only to TACORI.

Classic 360 or  Cathedral?

There are two distinguished TACORI foundation styles, both with their own special features. Choosing your ideal setting style gets you one step closer to crafting the perfect ring.

Engagement Ring with classic 360 degree foundations

TACORI Classic 360º Foundations

Classic settings refer to rings where the prongs holding the center diamond attach to the band at a single point, creating a delicate, floating look. This style puts natural emphasis on the centerpiece (whether with or without a bloom).

TACORI Cathedral Foundations

The arching cathedral design features a band that slopes up to the edge of the center stone. Cathedral style settings have a certain elegance to them. The natural curve of this type of setting allows for a more structured feel and allows for extra hidden details. 

Engagement Ring with Cathedral foundations

Designer Note:

All TACORI engagement ring settings are “semi-mount” settings. This means that they do not include the center stone, and are priced accordingly. Semi-mount settings do however include all pavé and spotlight diamonds. Additionally, all diamonds used to craft our gorgeous settings are hand-selected for consistency of cut and color. We use only G color and VS quality diamonds to ensure the perfect bright sparkle.

Complement Your Center Stone

Whether you want to show off your center diamond with complementary side stones, a spotlight bloom, or let it shine on it’s own, TACORI has three different crown options to create your dream ring. 

Designer Note:

TACORI Blooms are created using spotlight diamonds that are hand selected for matching size and color using unparalleled precision. Our artisans carefully place these diamonds in a seamless bloom, or “halo” that enhances the size and sparkle of the ring.


TACORI uses premium materials for all of our special metal formulations to create the perfect, high quality finished products.

TACORI Platinum Metal

Tacori Platinum has a purity level of 95% which is higher than the industry requirements and standard of 90%.

TACORI Yellow Gold Metal

Tacori 18k Yellow Gold is a proprietary mix of pure 24k Gold and Yellow Gold alloy.

TACORI Rose Gold Metal

Tacori’s proprietary “blush” formulation is created using a custom mix of pure 24k gold and Rose Gold alloy.

TACORI White Gold Metal

Tacori’s White Gold is made from pure 24k Gold and has a Gold content of 75%.

Why we love Platinum

While we believe our engagement rings look beautiful in all precious metals, Platinum has a few extra perks that make it our preferred metal.

Because of its purity, Platinum’s natural white color does not fade over time like other metals. Additionally, our 95% platinum is 25% more dense than 18k gold, and never loses it’s weight. This means that it will never flake away or lose its volume if scratched.


Designer Note:

Nickel is a commonly used metal due to its versatility and high polish. However, many people are prone to nickel allergies. All TACORI rings are nickel-free, and we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality materials.

Customize Your Perfect Ring

Our carefully handcrafted engagement rings can easily be modified and customized for an added touch of uniqueness. Explore our engagement ring collections to find the perfect starting point for your custom ring.