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Ring Size Guide

How to Measure Your Ring Size

Every situation is different. Some couples go ring shopping together, and both people are actively involved with the ring buying process. 

Other people are caught completely by surprise during the proposal. They are seeing and trying on an engagement ring for the first time during this moment. 

If you’re trying to find a ring for yourself, then this process will be very easy. Simply download our ring size guide and follow the directions. 

For those of you who need to find ring size without her/him knowing, then it will take a little bit more effort. Fortunately, it’s still possible to find the perfect engagement ring size while keeping your secret safe. 

What You Need to Know about Engagement Ring Sizing

Before you start measuring anything, trying on rings, or downloading guides, there is some general information that you should know about rings and ring sizes. 

Engagement rings should fit comfortably on the finger. You’ll want to find a ring that’s snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over the knuckle with enough pressure. 

In the United States, engagement rings are commonly worn on the left “ring finger.” So make sure that you’re measuring the correct finger and hand during this process.

For the most part, woman’s ring sizes fall somewhere between 4 and 10. The average woman’s ring size is around 7. Men’s ring sizes are usually between 8 and 13 with an average of 10. 

You cannot tell someone’s ring size based on their height or weight. Some people have long fingers with thick knuckles while other people have short fingers with narrow knuckles. None of this is related to height, weight, or body type. 

Wide bands typically fight tighter than narrow widths. So if your choosing a ring that’s more than 5mm in width, we suggest going with a bigger size.

How to Measure Ring Size at Home - Use Our Ring Size Guide

The best way to accurately measure the perfect engagement ring size is with our ring sizing guide. This is a great way to measure ring size, especially if the engagement is a surprise. 

Make sure that the page you printed is sized to scale. That’s the first thing that needs to be done. There is a measurement key on the top right corner of the page. If the bars are not measured exactly in inches or millimeters, then you’ll need to check your settings and reprint the page.

Next, find a ring that fits on your left ring finger (or the finger of your significant other). 

Then simply place the ring over the circles on the page until you find a match. You want the circle to match up as close as possible with the inside diameter of the ring.

Are you stuck in the middle of two sizes on our ring size guide? No problem!

If you can’t find an exact match with one of your existing rings, then we suggest choosing the larger of the two sizes in question.

Note: This image is not set to scale. Download and print our ring sizing guide here. When you print the file, set the page scaling to “none” on your printer settings. 

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Finding the Perfect Ring Size

Whether you’re using a ring sizing guide or trying on rings in person, there are certain things that you should keep in mind when you’re measuring.

  • Our dominant hands are slightly bigger. Don’t assume that a ring fitting on one hand will fit on the other.
  • Always choose the larger size if you’re in between two sizes.
  • Body temperature is important. Cold fingers shrink and hot fingers expand, so make sure you’re measuring rings at a normal body temperature.
  • For the most part, our fingers are smaller in the morning and larger at night. Measure your ring size 3 or 4 times throughout the day to get the most accurate measurement.
  • Never use a string as a tool for measuring ring size.
  • If you have large knuckles at the base of your ring finger, we recommend choosing a larger size.
  • For the most accurate results, measure and purchase a plain, narrow band.
Engagement Ring Resizing

What if the ring doesn’t fit? No problem!

As part of our promise of service here at Tacori, we offer complimentary sizing adjustments whenever possible. Just make sure that the ring you’re ordering is eligible for this service. 

If you want a ring with custom designs or engravings, we suggest waiting until you know that the size is perfect. Choosing a plain band will be your best option if you think there’s a chance that the ring won’t fit. 

So you can put your mind at ease and rest easy knowing that we have your back, even if the ring doesn’t fit. 

For resizing and trying on rings in person, you can visit your local Tacori authorized retailer. We have hundreds of locations throughout the globe. Simply enter your zip code to find the location nearest to you.