Tacori Blooms

TACORI Bloom engagement rings with diamonds
TACORI Bloom engagement rings with diamonds


Others call it a halo, we call it a bloom. Names aside, TACORI Blooms seamlessly encircle the diamond center stone for exquisite, lifted luminosity.

Six Ways to Bloom

While each variation of a TACORI Bloom has its own personality and a distinct sparkle, all blooms are meticulously designed and engineered to enhance the brilliance and the visual size of your center stone.

Hidden Bloom

The hidden bloom is a delicate circling of diamonds below the center diamond, under the crown, and only visible from the side. The TACORI difference is in the details, and this quintessentially TACORI design element adds all-angle sparkle.

TACORI Hidden Bloom diamond engagement ring
TACORI Spotlight Bloom diamond engagement ring

Spotlight Bloom

Add a dusting of diamonds. Positioned just beneath the center stone, the Spotlight Bloom adds a delicate dose of sparkle to your ring.

Traditional Bloom

Gorgeous bright cut diamonds encircle the center stone. Only a small amount of metal is visible, with the diamond bloom truly shining forth.

TACORI Traditional Bloom diamond engagement ring
TACORI Diamond Intense Bloom engagement ring

Diamond Intense Blooms

Exactly how it sounds, a very minimal amount of metal with high diamond intensity.

Decorative Bloom

Unique and intricately detailed, Art Deco, Renaissance, and Chandelier are some of the Decorative Blooms in this family.

TACORI Decorative Bloom Diamond engagement ring
TACORI Double Bloom Diamond engagement ring

Double Bloom

One bloom encircles the top of the center stone, a second bloom wraps around the side of the stone, for perfectly seamless and spectacular detail.

Explore More Settings

Now that you’re an expert on TACORI blooms, browse our other gorgeous setting options to determine the perfect fit for you. Classic solitaire settings and bold three stone settings have their own ways of making your center diamond take center stage.

Customize Your Ring

Our meticulously handcrafted engagement rings may be customized for an added touch of uniqueness. Explore our engagement ring collections to find the perfect starting point for your custom ring.

What is a TACORI Bloom engagement ring?

A TACORI Bloom engagement ring - also known as a halo engagement ring -  is a type of diamond ring that features a central diamond or gemstone that is surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds or gemstones, creating a “bloom” effect. The halo can enhance the size and sparkle of the center stone, making it appear larger and more brilliant. Bloom engagement rings come in a variety of styles and designs. They are a popular choice for engagement rings due to their stunning appearance and versatility in design. At TACORI, every diamond used in a bloom is hand-selected and hand-set by our gemologists and master artisans.

How does a bloom affect the appearance of the ring?

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