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Ring Vocabulary

The Only Engagement Ring Vocabulary Guide You'll Need

Learn the Tacori lingo and discover the handcrafted details that are Truly Tacori.

Anatomy of a Tacori Ring

Tacori artisans use special language when creating the structure and form of a Tacori ring. Every handcrafted detail is carefully considered. Discover the meaning behind each key element.

The aerial perspective is the top view of the ring, where you see the center diamond and the ceiling of the ring. Tacori settings use techniques designed to enhance the center stone, allowing it to be the focal point of the ring.

The crown holds the center diamond. A Tacori crown is perfectly engineered to securely hold the diamond and allow for maximum light reflection.

Tacori spotlight diamonds decorate and accent the center stone, increasing the overall sparkle of the ring. Spotlight diamonds create a Tacori Bloom halo effect that enhances the size or shape of the center diamond.

The ceiling is the outer ridge of the band, which is often decorated with additional diamonds to enhance the sparkle of the ring.

Windows of light are the carefully crafted open arcs within the setting that allow light to reflect from every angle so that each diamond really sparkles; the more windows of light, the better.

Tacori's signature design element is defined by interlocking half-moon arcs, with the windows of light between each crescent reflecting the brilliance of the diamonds placed within each design.

The foundation is the portion of the ring below the crown of the ring. Tacori foundations are carefully curved and shaped to perfection, creating the most flattering silhouettes.

The inner face is the side view of the ring that shows its entire shape and silhouette. From modern and sophisticated designs, to elaborate, beautifully detailed patterns, the Tacori touch is always present on the inner face, delivering beauty from every angle.

The interior is the inside of the band, where the ring touches your finger. We stamp all of our interiors with the TACORI name, which is a mark of unparalleled quality in our craftsmanship process.

The single iconic Crescent is a special crescent and a distinguishing mark. Look for it at the resting point of your Tacori ring as a signature statement.

The resting point is the bottom portion of the ring, oriented at the opposite side from the center diamond.

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