Ethical Sourcing
Wear Tacori Diamonds in Confidence

In order to uphold the highest ethical principles in the industry, the diamonds that Tacori uses in our designs are certified to be Conflict-Free according to the Kimberley Process and as approved by the World Diamond Council. Every diamond purchase that we make includes compliance paperwork and certification through the Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Process is a system that joins governments, industry and civil society to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. By participating in the Kimberley Process, and by only using diamonds that are certified to be conflict-free, Tacori is part of the global supply chain that reinforces diamond sources that are legitimately mined, sourced, and polished as a benefit to their society – rather than an illegal source of funding to unknown parties.

When you wear Tacori diamonds, you can feel confident knowing that you are wearing conflict-free diamonds.

Our Story

Handcrafted in California, each Tacori design reflects our passion. Learn more about why we do what we do.


Due to the individual character of handcraftsmanship each piece of Tacori jewelry is a small work of art. Read more for service and care questions.

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