Our Mission
Why We Do What We Do

At Tacori, we are inspired by the spirit of California.  Ingrained in our roots is the belief that anything is possible.  We have an insatiable appetite to do better tomorrow, than we did yesterday.

We fearlessly dream big.

And through everything we do – every action that we take, and every decision that we consider – we want to inspire those who choose Tacori to dream big with us.

For example, in our Manufacturing, we are Handcrafted in California.  This is not a PR pitch – it is the core of who we are as a Company.  California has given us the opportunity to bring our own dreams to life. It is where we employ hundreds of artisans who create beautiful designs that speak to a worldwide audience. Our Company exists to offer everyone that is a part of the extended Tacori Family the same opportunity to attain their dreams.

And whether our jewelry is an engagement ring that becomes a symbol of a new life together, or a fashionable expression of your personal style, Tacori designs become so much more than a piece of jewelry.

For the people who choose Tacori, our jewelry invites the story of what dream is being fulfilled. Whatever your dream is, we invite you to dream big with us.

Because it’s not what we do that defines us, it’s why we do it that matters.


Due to the individual character of handcraftsmanship each piece of Tacori jewelry is a small work of art. Read more for service and care questions.


Exquisite artistry and precise science - learn how Tacori creates beauty from every angle in each of our jewelry creations.

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