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Crescent Fabric Crescent Fabric

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You know it's truly Tacori when you see the Tacori Crescent - a heart shape form that is embedded in every Tacori piece.


Classic Crescent

The Icon

In 1998 -- Iconic Crescent Silhouette is Created.

Haig Tacorian commissioned an engagement ring design with hearts from fellow jeweler, Garo Kourounian. The heart design evolved, and together they created an iconic design – TACORI’s signature crescent silhouette.

From our original Classic Crescent Fabric, we’ve created additional 6 Fabrics.

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Crescent Fabrics Illustration Crescent Fabrics Illustration
Signed by Tacori

The Signature Crescent

Look for the Tacori signature crescent branding on the resting point of the ring that maintains the heritage of Tacori, and provides the Tacori touch.

Signature Crescent Signature Crescent

Simply Tacori

Less is More

It transforms Tacori’s signature crescent into modern design elements on the inner face of each ring. This ring is for the modern girl with a classic style.

Simply Tacori Engagement Rings Simply Tacori Engagement Rings

Sculpted Crescent

Tone-on-Tone Texture

Tacori’s Classic Crescent has been reimagined with the signature Tacori crescent sculpted into the metal inner face of each Tacori design. Distinctly Tacori, this smoothly sculpted crescent touch is a desirable tone-on-tone texture.

Clean Crescent

Smaller and Streamlined

Our Clean Crescent design has re-imagined the signature Tacori crescent pattern on the inner face of the ring into a smaller, streamlined crescent detailing with a more diamond intense look. This Clean Crescent Engagement Ring Collection shines brilliantly, while still giving a nod to the heritage of the unique Tacori touch.

Clean Crescent Engagement Rings Clean Crescent Engagement Rings
Coastal Crescent Coastal Crescent

Coastal Crescent

Brand-new crescent with a diamond-cuddled detailing underneath the crescent and opens at an incredibly attainable pricepoint -- $1490 in 14k gold

Reverse Crescent

Windows of Light

Tacori’s Classic Crescent has been inverted to create open arcs that become windows of light. The Reverse Crescent has an open look and feel, and creates a timeless crescent style.

Reverse Crescent Engagement Rings Reverse Crescent Engagement Rings

Petite Crescent

A Diamond Intense Look

Softer and smaller crescent detailing offers a diamond intense look. Petite Crescent is attractively feminine, and shines brilliantly with the unique Tacori Touch.

Crescent Fabrics form the basis of each and every Tacori Bridal Design.

We begin with our signature, tradedress protected, details on the inner face of each ring. 

Tacori Seal

All Tacori pieces are handcrafted with extraordinary care by our artisans in California.

Engagement Ring Guide

Everything you need to know to choose your one-of-a-kind ring for your one-of-a-kind love.

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Mark Your Milestone

Each Classic Crescent RoyalT Anniversary Band is a bespoke work of wearable art that is fully customizable.