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Petite Pavé Crescent Ceiling Ring featuring Amethyst
$1,250.00 USD
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Metal: Silver and 18kt Rose Gold
Silv Silver and 18kt Rose Gold
Gemstone: Amethyst
Diamond Carat Weight 0.15
Gemstone Carat Weight 4.1
Design Measurements 0.45" w x 0.45" l
Design Details

Structural crescent designs in glossy silver form the contours of this vibrant, Crescent Crown Amethyst ring. Blushing 18kt rose gold and glittering diamonds frame the cushion cut shape for a fantasy fusion of subtle sophistication and modern design.

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Crescent Crown
Windows of light shine through the interlaced crescent details to make the gemstone the queen of the Crescent Crown Collection, set within a sculptural crescent-woven throne.
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Tacori Process
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