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New Designs

From luxe layering pieces to

bold statement designs. Discover

TACORI's latest jewelry creations.


A Mantra to Peaceful Elegance

The TACORI Stilla Collection

Featuring dainty strings of droplet-like diamonds that glimmer with a meditative fluidity. 


Indulging Your Intruigue

TACORI Allure Collection

A classic bezel collection where TACORI design details lend captivating depths, drawing you in to look closer.


Tradition and Transformation Collide

Crescent Eclipse Collection

Diamond studded crescents surround 18K gold like the corona of an eclipse -unearthing a new era of TACORI fine jewelry, defined by boldness and originality.


Eternal Opulence

Classic Crescent RoyalT Collection

Our Founder, Haig Tacorian, takes diamonds to new heights with exquisite attention to detail. Delivering beauty from every angle, with the signature Classic Crescent design on the inner face of every design.