TACORI Supply Chain Policy

TACORI’s Supply Chain policy underscores the brand's dedication to ethical and responsible practices. From ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones to prioritizing fair labor standards, TACORI ensures transparency and sustainability at every stage. This commitment not only enhances the quality of their exquisite jewelry but also reflects a conscientious approach to global business. With TACORI, customers can trust that each piece is crafted with integrity, making beauty synonymous with ethical responsibility.

TACORI Supplier Grievance Mechanism

TACORI’s grievance procedure for concerns the supply chain involving diamonds and colored gemstones from conflict-affected and high-risk areas demonstrates the brand's dedication to transparent and constructive communication with its suppliers. This structured approach ensures that concerns are promptly addressed, fostering accountability and continuous improvement throughout the supply chain, promoting ethical business practices within the jewelry industry.  Grievances and/or questions relating to TACORI supply chain policies and supplier conduct can be directed to sourcing@TACORI.com.

TACORI Responsible Sourcing Due Diligence

TACORI’s Responsible Sourcing Due Diligence process details TACORI’s stringent measures for validating the responsible sourcing of materials in the supply chain.