Yellow and white gold TACORI ring being held by two hands
Yellow and white gold TACORI ring being held by two hands

Handcrafted in California

Each TACORI piece is designed and brought to life by our master artisans. 
When you see it, you know it’s truly TACORI.

Left hand holding engagement ring and right hand sketching the design

A Designer's Vision

The creative process begins in the Design Studio of the Head Designer. Every TACORI design is rigorously created with passion and attention to detail, and includes the unique design element of the “crescent silhouette”, which allows TACORI designs to stand apart from any other.

Close up of computer monitor showing a virtual design of TACORI

CAD Laboratory

As a leader in innovative jewelry production, TACORI uses Computer Aided Designs (CAD), to chart proportions of TACORI designs from every angle, creating maximum precision for structurally sound designs, consistency of production, and efficiency to deliver designs accurately.

Close up of hand holding TACORI design sample

Prototype Laboratory

Once the 3D renderings are perfect, designs are sent to the Rapid Prototype Machines, which is the same technology used by NASA, JPL, and Boeing. These incredible machines weave wax back and forth to build a three-dimensional wax ring prototype, and can create an impressive 180 prototypes in 21 hours!

Close up of gold pieces in a bowl


Inside the Alchemy Room, this is where the most advanced casting machines in the world transform wax prototypes into precious metals. In small batches daily, Tacori designs are collated onto “trees” and encapsulated in canisters filled with perfectly-calibrated liquid ceramic, to reveal rings in precious metal.

Looking at a jeweler's workstation with multiple trade tools

Master Craftsman Studio

The jewelers who sit at the benches at Tacori are expert artisans from around the world who have been brought together to meticulously handcraft every unique piece. They blend time-honored techniques with the latest cutting-edge technologies and are responsible to help shape Tacori designs into wearable pieces of art. These individual hands are an intrinsic part of the “TACORI Touch”.

Engagement ring on a desk with a small diamond ready to be set

Diamonds and Gemstones

Our Diamond and Gemstone Team scrutinizes diamonds and gemstones to hand-select the very few that are able to meet the high standards that Tacori sets for consistency of cut and color. For Tacori diamond rings, only VS-G quality or better are used. The consistent cut, color, and clarity of TACORI-selected diamonds ensure maximum brilliance and beauty from every angle.

Close up of two hands setting a diamond into a TACORI design engagement ring

Master Setting

Each Diamond Setting artisan at Tacori is a uniquely specialized master of his or her craft. To set the highest standards in the industry, the Master Setting Studio has developed a culture of mentorship and mastery, fostering an environment of learning and efficiency. The commitment to craft excellence can be seen with the adoption of microscopic setting techniques and large screen reviews, which allow unparalleled attention to detail and quality.

White gloved hand holding a TACORI ring up for inspection

Quality Excellence Studio

The Quality Excellence Studio is the last stop on the journey before a Tacori piece is packaged and delivered to you. Every TACORI piece must meet or exceed the TACORI ideals of beauty and engineering so that it may become both a treasured heirloom and everyday staple for our TACORI clients throughout the world.