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The Tacori Story

From Europe to California, discover the story of how generations of the Tacori Family have created exquisite jewelry that touches lives and creates legacies. 

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The co-founder of Tacori, Gilda Tacorian (née Balian), is born in Romania.

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The co-founder of Tacori, Haig Tacorian, is born in Romania.

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Harry Balian (Romania)

A jeweler by trade, Harry Balian (father of Gilda) was ordered by the Communist regime of Romania to turn over all currency and precious materials.

When he was found to be making gold wedding rings for a family friend, he was arrested and imprisoned for 1 year. 

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An American Dream

Due to their Armenian heritage, Gilda and her family are allowed to emigrate from communist Romania to the United States and settle in California.

In 1970, Haig emigrated to the United States from communist Romania.

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B&T Jewelers

Haig & Gilda join her father to create a jewelry company, B&T Jewelers, creating vintage style designs.

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Haig & Gilda Tacorian

When two become one. Haig and Gilda are married.

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Haig & Gilda create their own company, called TACORI, based in the Downtown LA Jewelry District. 

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Iconic Crescent Silhouette is Created

Haig Tacorian commissioned an engagement ring design with hearts from fellow jeweler, Garo Kourounian. The heart design evolved, and together they created an iconic design – TACORI’s signature crescent silhouette.

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1997 Paul Tacorian

Son of founders, Gild and Haig, Paul, joins the company as Director of Marketing

1999 Nadine Arzerounian (née Tacorian)

Daughter of founders Gilda and Haig, Nadine, joins the company as Director of Production.

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Handcrafted in California

After being featured on the Bachelorette with Trista and Ryan’s wedding bands, growth demands a new, larger location, and TACORI moves from the Downtown Jewelry District to their own facility. Today, TACORI is housed entirely under one roof in a 25,000+ sq ft Design Studios in Los Angeles.

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Nadine Gets Married: Simply Tacori

Nadine exchanges vows with Alexander Arzerounian. Her one-of-a kind TACORI engagement ring inspires an entirely new look for TACORI: the “Simply Tacori” Collection.

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TACORI releases what would become another iconic design, the Dantela Collection. Grey’s Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo is the first recipient of this new collection, featuring a 3ct emerald diamond (not featured here).

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Iconic Passion

TACORI creates a striking new Ad Campaign and moves from the #10 to #2 most visible jewelry brand in America. ( Indesign Magazine, September/October 2010)

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Tacori Jewelry

At the first annual Club Tacori, TACORI releases a silver and gold gemstone collection named “18k925” for the mixed metal approach.

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The Promise Bracelet

TACORI collaborates with a top fashion blogger to create the TACORI x Wendy’s Lookbook Promise Bracelet.  The following Valentine’s Day, People magazine reports that Jay Z gifted this design to wife Beyoncé.

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TACORI creates an evolved lifestyle campaign to merge their bridal and fashion collections. Natural beauty and effortless style embodies the core DNA of the “Tacori Girl.”

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A New CEO and COO

Haig Tacorian steps into the role of Chairman, as his children, Paul and Nadine, move into the CEO and COO roles, respectively. 

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A Year of Innovation

TACORI launches a bracelet in support of Shine Together, partners with WHO WHAT WEAR for its first-ever design collaboration, and houses their first pop-up shop at The Grove, bringing to life new TACORI brand experiences.

And then . . .

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All Tacori pieces are handcrafted with extraordinary care by our artisans in California.

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