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Womens Bands

Women's Wedding Bands

The decision to match wedding bands is entirely up to the couple. Some prefer matching bands for a cohesive look, while others choose designs that suit their individual styles.

There's no strict rule about matching the wedding band to the engagement ring. You do you! We have a full range of options to allow you to create a matching set, or to explore complementary are creative pairings. Read this article to learn some ways to match your engagement ring to your wedding band.

We recommend that you purchase your wedding bands at the same time as your engagement rings, so that our artisans can align the diamonds and design details. Diamonds or other details on the wedding ring may not line up with the engagement ring, or the engagement ring crown may create separation between the two rings. When ordered together, our artisans can ensure that the rings and design details all fit together.

Yes! Eternity bands - sometimes called eternity rings or anniversary rings - make for a beautiful, diamond-intense wedding ring. Eternity bands feature a continuous row of diamond or alternative gemstones, and as their name suggests, they're symbolic of a long-term commitment. They can be worn as a standalone ring, or paired with an engagement ring. Click here to learn some of the ways to customize your eternity band.

Every TACORI wedding band and wedding ring can be customized to suit your personal style and to add meaningful touches. From the metal choice, to design details and thoughtful engravings, there are many ways to create wedding rings that act as bespoke symbols of your relationship. Explore women’s wedding bandsmen’s wedding bands, or gender-neutral wedding bands, and then connect with an authorized TACORI retailer to start customizing.