Womens Bands

Wedding Bands for women
Wedding Bands for women

Women's Wedding Bands

Meet your match. Discover the complementary wedding band for your TACORI engagement ring. Or create a signature stack all your own.


Hidden Symbol Of Love

Matching Bands

Tacori Crescent, a heart shape form that is embedded in every Tacori wedding ring. A hidden symbol of love that only the two of you know.

Complete The Look

Build Your Signature Stack

Your unique style doesn't stop when you say "I Do". Say "yes" to unexpected ring pairings you'll love to layer.


Mark the Moment

Anniversary Bands

Your jewelry tells a story. It signifies style. Speaks to your passions.

Mark the Moments that matter.

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Do wedding bands have to match?

The decision to match wedding bands is entirely up to the couple. Some prefer matching bands for a cohesive look, while others choose designs that suit their individual styles.

Should the wedding band match the engagement ring?

How far in advance should I buy the wedding bands?

Can I wear an eternity band as a wedding band?

Can I customize my wedding bands?