RoyalT Eternity Bands

RoyalT Eternity Bands
RoyalT Eternity Bands

RoyalT Eternity Bands

TACORI takes diamonds to new heights with exquisite attention to detail, beauty from every angle and an eternity of diamonds. These bands are available in rubies, sapphires or diamonds, and they are exclusive TACORI RoyalT with the signature Classic Crescent design on the inner face. 

Inspired by the design language of our Classic Crescent RoyalT Eternity Bands, these fine jewelry designs delivery beauty from every angle. Timelessly elegant and dimensionally stunning, Classic Crescent styles are for celebrating the grand occasions and all the moments in between. Mark and make memories with more Classic Crescent RoyalT fine jewelry pieces.

classic crescent royalt necklace, hoop earrings and eternity band
TACORI Eternity Bands

Customize Your Eternity Band

Model wearing ruby and diamond eternity bands

Learn how to design your own eternity band with these six ways to customize. 

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