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Woman posing with TACORI Engagement ring and wedding band

Art of Stacking

Every ring in your stack is a memory. Together, your rings are a joyful celebration of your story, and a reminder of all that’s to come. Start building your bespoke ring stack with meticulously handcrafted TACORI rings.

Assortment of TACORI engagement ring and wedding bands
assortment of TACORI engagement ring and wedding bands

Art of Stacking

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Mix & Match

There are no rules for building your ring stack, other than to make it your own. Because no matter which diamond shapes or metals your mix or match, your TACORI stack will sparkle and shine with every movement of the hand.

What Comes Next

First the engagement ring, then the wedding band, and then you decide what comes next. Consider adding eternity bands of different color gemstones or diamond coverage, or high-shine metal bands. Make it meaningful, or just make it beautiful.

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model holding tacori engagement ring and wedding bands

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assortment of TACORI wedding bands

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