Custom Designs
Personalize Your Tacori

Every Tacori design is handcrafted in California by master artisans. This means that our Designers sit directly alongside the Craftsman who make every piece, as well as the Tacori Family who oversee the entire process.

Because of the bespoke nature of our jewelry, we welcome the many customers who choose Tacori rings to reflect their unique style. With our Design Studios all under one roof, we are uniquely able to ensure the highest level of quality and care as we craft your personalized design.

We’d love to collaborate with you to "special order" a custom design from Tacori. In order to begin this process, we encourage you to please visit your local authorized Tacori retailer to speak in-depth with their jeweler about your dream design and to place your order.

Please know that creating a custom order personalized to your desires may take a bit more time than a standard order. The turnaround time for “special order rings” will likely be between 3-6 weeks, as it will be a custom piece made to your specifications.

Your authorized Tacori retailer will be able to provide any and all pricing information for you, as well as a timeline for creating your special order piece.

*Custom orders such as custom engagement rings and custom wedding rings do often take longer to create and there may be added costs, depending on the specifics of the project.

Our Story

Handcrafted in California, each Tacori design reflects our passion. Learn more about why we do what we do.


Due to the individual character of handcraftsmanship each piece of Tacori jewelry is a small work of art. Read more for service and care questions.

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