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Round with Cushion Bloom Engagement Ring

$15,990.00 USD

Not including center diamond

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Crown Bloom
Foundation Cathedral
Crescent Fabric RoyalT
Diamond Carat Weight 1.96 ctw
Design Details
Diamond Quality
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Graduating diamonds lead up the ceiling to a cushion-bloomed center stone. An open gallery beneath the crown highlights the diamond, while Petite Crescent fabric adds intricate diamond and milgrain detailing.

Petite Crescent RoyalT
Petite Crescent RoyalT

Petite Crescent RoyalT

Diamond-forward ceilings of French pavé meet intricate decorations and smaller, more delicate Crescent details, making for a setting of undeniably brilliant sparkle and stunning light reflection. This setting accommodates diamond center stones of two carats and larger, so you can opt for elevated brilliance.

Petite Crescent RoyalT