Round 3-Stone Engagement Ring

$14,990.00 USD

Not including center diamond

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Crown 3-Stone
Foundation Cathedral
Crescent Fabric RoyalT
Diamond Carat Weight 1.58
Design Details
Diamond Quality
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Two cadillac-cut side diamonds embrace the center stone, while a bloom encircles all crowning diamonds. Just below, diamond-studded prongs meet a Petite Crescent fabric and a ceiling of small pavé-set diamonds.

Complementary Wedding Bands
Petite Crescent RoyalT
Petite Crescent RoyalT

Petite Crescent RoyalT

Diamond-forward ceilings of French pavé meet intricate decorations and smaller, more delicate Crescent details, making for a setting of undeniably brilliant sparkle and stunning light reflection. This setting accommodates diamond center stones of two carats and larger, so you can opt for elevated brilliance.

Petite Crescent RoyalT