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TACORI Engagement Ring
TACORI Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings Gentleman's Guide

The Gentleman's Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring

Everything you need to know about popping the question.

Diamond used in engagement rings

The Five C's

Carat weight refers to how big a gem is.

Cut describes the shape of the stone and how many facets are cut or how much brilliance is going to be reflected in the diamond.

Color signifies the lack of color in the stone—colorless is the most ideal in a diamond.

Clarity grades how clear the stone is, whether or not it has any inclusions or little flaws inside the diamond that can be seen.

Communication, Tacori’s “fifth C” is just as important as the rest. Choosing to communicate about everything that goes into the purchase of a ring is the best way to ensure a great proposal with the perfect ring for her.

Platinum vs. Gold

Both metals have distinct qualities for you to evaluate when deciding on a metal base for your setting.

Platinum is a naturally white metal. Platinum is often preferred for its purity and versatility. Because it reflects white light, it will show the brilliance of your diamond in the best way possible.

Gold is a naturally yellow metal. Yellow gold and rose gold create a gorgeous vintage hue.

White gold is yellow gold turned white through chemical mixing, and may require more maintenance over the lifetime of the ring to retain its white look.

Different metals used in engagement rings
Showcase a diamond used in TACORI engagement ring

Tacori Settings

Showcase the diamond by selecting a setting that compliments the center stone. We recommend a Tacori setting with our perfectly engineered diamond bloom, which creates a halo around the center stone. Or, choose larger side-stone spotlight diamonds to highlight your center stone.

Diamond Shapes

The shape of a diamond can dramatically alter the overall look and style of the engagement ring, so this might be one of the most important decisions to consider as you’re selecting a setting.

Different shapes of gemstones used in engagement rings

Engagement Rings: How to Buy

These special moments can take time, we get it. That's why we're here to assist you along the way.

Find the Perfect Ring

Find the Perfect Ring

Explore our hand-crafted engagement rings at Login to your account and start adding favorites to your ring tray for a side-by-side comparison.

Complete the Look

Complete the Look

Connect with a retail partner near you for expert help finding the perfect center stone to finish your ring!

We are here to help

We're Here to Help

Whether you're looking for an expert's opinion or have a general question, our live chat feature can help. Or, just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you.

Tacori Ring Vocabulary

Tacori artisans use special language when creating the structure and form of a Tacori ring. Every handcrafted detail is carefully considered. Discover the meaning behind each key element.

TACORI Engagement Ring in a gift box

Buying Wise

Work with a jeweler you trust. Visit a reputable jewelry store, and have the associate guide you through each step. Ask them about how to select the perfect setting style, how to pick the best diamond for your money, payment options, delivery timeframe, and anything else you may have on your mind.

Timing is everything. Make sure to give yourself enough time to plan your proposal and create a really special day with a realistic timeline in mind.

The Question

Whether your girlfriend is classic or less traditional, she has probably been thinking about this moment.

Come up with something creative and distinctly you. Do something that’s memorable and suitable, because this will become the “proposal story” that you, and she, will be telling for the rest of your lives.

TACORI Engagement Ring
TACORI Engagement Ring and Wedding bands

A Tacori Couple

Achieve perfect harmony with matching Tacori engagement ring and wedding bands. Choosing complimentary wedding bands is the ultimate expression of devotion and brings modern style to a classic tradition.

You’ve put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect ring for your other half, but don’t forget that this is also a very important time for you. Take a moment to think about the details that make her ring special and unique, and try to incorporate those details into your ring. That connection will make her ring even more special.