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Fine Jewelry
Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry

From classic diamond jewelry to bold gemstones, TACORI knows how to deliver jewelry that completes your look, in a style that's totally your own. Make a statement or elevate your everyday look with TACORI fine jewelry.

Dazzling Diamond Intense Designs

Classic Crescent RoyalT 

Delivering fire and brilliance with a uniquely TACORI touch.

Classic Diamond Studs

Add a little sparkle to your everyday look.

TACORI x WhoWhatWear

Love, Los Angeles Collection

Conceived, Curated & Created in Everyday 10k Gold. Inspired by our city, Los Angeles. 

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Diamond Fine Jewelry

We set our own exceptionally high standards for the diamonds that go into our fine jewelry. Every single stone is thoroughly inspected, selected, and matched by our in-house gemologists under a 10x loupe. Our gemologists also look for symmetrical cuts that will ensure a sublime sparkle in the finished product. And with our prolific use of diamond melee - or tiny diamonds that can be as small as .05 carats - it’s clear that we take the four C’s of diamonds (cut, color, clarity, and carat) very seriously.

Platinum and Gold Jewelry

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