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Women's Jewelry

Fine Jewelry

We set our own exceptionally high standards for the diamonds that go into our fine jewelry. Every single stone is thoroughly inspected, selected, and matched by our in-house gemologists under a 10x loupe. Our gemologists also look for symmetrical cuts that will ensure a sublime sparkle in the finished product. And with our prolific use of diamond melee - or tiny diamonds that can be as small as .05 carats - it’s clear that we take the four C’s of diamonds (cut, color, clarity, and carat) very seriously.

All of our premium metals are made in-house with proprietary, best-in-class formulas. We offer jewelry in 14kt and 18kt rose, yellow, and white gold, as well as platinum. Our white gold is entirely nickel free, as we mix with palladium instead (which is actually more expensive than the gold itself). Because of the premium ingredients and our proprietary formula, our metals will continue to shine for decades after they leave the jewelry case.

All TACORI pieces are crafted in our family-owned California Design Studios, and are sold throughout the United States and Canada through a dedicated network of TACORI retailers. Visit your local authorized TACORI retailer for the opportunity to discover our designs in person. Click here to locate your nearest retailer.